With over 40 million Americans today wearing dentures, they’re still one of the best options for restoring a smile with missing teeth. These removable dental appliances are affordable, easy to remove for cleaning, and can replace any amount of missing teeth. Yet misconceptions continue to circulate about dentures, discouraging many that could benefit from them from seeking treatment in the San Francisco area.

Myths About Today’s Dentures

Dentures Move Around

When you invest in custom-fitted appliances that perfectly conform to the shape of your gum tissue and mouth size, you’ll find that dentures rarely move or come loose. They’ll have a comfortable and well-fitting shape, even if it takes a few adjustments by the dentist to get it perfect for you. You'll also adapt to how they work, learning new ways to bite and chew that optimize their function.

Dentures Are Obvious

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing and new materials, today’s dentures are hard to spot even up close. Synthetic gum tissue colors are carefully matched to the exact shade of your real gum tissue, while the teeth are realistically shaped and sized to fit your smile. Even the shade of the teeth is chosen to complement your skin tone and hair color.

Dentures Interfere with Chewing

Most people find dentures aid significantly with chewing, especially if they have more than a few teeth missing. With a good fit and the right adhesive, you can eat almost any food again, even with full dentures. Even chewy and crunchy foods are an option, although you may have to adapt how you enjoy them.

Dentures Make You Look Older

By restoring your smile and filling out your jaw, you’ll find that you look younger rather than older. Loss of teeth leads to wrinkles around the lips and chin that age you. A stronger bite and brighter smile will take years off your appearance. If you're younger, it's also important to fill in tooth gaps appearing because of decay or accidents so that you don't lose valuable jaw bone tissue over the years.

Are You a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Pain When Chewing or Speaking

Damage to the teeth or long-term decay often leads to constant pain that worsens when chewing, speaking, or brushing. If you’re struggling with your oral care routine because of painful teeth, you may need to have a few removed and replaced with a partial denture. This also fills in any gaps so other teeth can’t shift into the new space that opens up.

Loose and Shifting Teeth

Once teeth are damaged enough by periodontal disease that they become loose or shifting, it’s time to remove them and replace them with a full or partial denture. This is an indication of root damage and bone loss. Removing the teeth and treating the infection prepare you for comfortable denture use.

Missing Teeth

No matter why a tooth is removed, it leaves a gap that stresses the surrounding teeth. Once a single tooth is gone, the nearby teeth have a much higher risk of getting decayed or damaged in the following years. Filling in gaps reduces this stress and can preserve the rest of your natural teeth.

Trouble Chewing or Eating

Restrictions in your diet because of pain, shifting teeth, or missing teeth can affect your overall health. Enjoy a wider variety of fruits and vegetables again by restoring your bite pattern with the help of a set of dentures. Even your favorite snacks will be back on the menu after a visit to your dentist in San Francisco.

Potential Benefits of Investing in Dentures

Getting a new set of custom dentures can restore your self-confidence and improve your life in multiple ways, especially if you’ve been living with tooth loss for a few years. Modern dentures give you freedom in choosing what to eat and resist staining thanks to durable sealants. They look better than ever and stay in place thanks to a customized fit. You’ll be smiling freely again, giving your face new structure and supporting facial muscles to prevent sagging and wrinkling. Imagine looking younger while protecting your overall oral health. You protect everything from the gums to the jaw bones when you wear properly fitted dentures. Balance the load on your teeth by filling in gaps with partial dentures, or go for the full denture experience to put an end to tooth pain and decay. You’ll be speaking clearly again and will enjoy how natural and realistic your new dentures look in your mouth.

Explore your denture options by scheduling a complimentary consultation with us today. We’ll explore the designs available and give you advice based on your specific dental conditions. Find out what makes dentures still a great choice for smile restoration by making your appointment now with your dentist in San Francisco.

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